Our Products and Services


Veer Advertising Services Pvt. Ltd.


Veer Advertising is a fully integrated Content Creation, Aggregation and Advertising Agency . It offers a customized and collaborative approach, which helps client build enduring and profitable brands.

Our expertise is in Advertising Film Production, Outdoor Campaign, Promotion Designing, Corporate Films, Live Events, Short Films etc.

We are very well aware about the evolving market trends, which require new ways of doing business, and hence we are ready to meet those changes head on.


D.K. Royal Food Pvt. Ltd.


The Royal Food Products are manufactured at latest facility under development at Gujarat. It will have ultra hygienic conditions for export quality food product manufacturing.

The Products viz. Mouth Freshners (Dhana dal, Saunf), Tobacco suppliments and other speciality food items will be the top of the Product List


D.K. & Company


The leading Manufacturers of Veer Chaap, superior quality unprocessed tobacco products for retail and bulk sale.
The international standard of additives makes the "Veer Chhaap" a flavoured and delicious product.
It largely neutralizes the Tobacco evils while maintaining its effectiveness and taste.


D.K. Tobacco Exports Pvt. Ltd.


The business of exporting the food products and unprocessed tobacco products to global market under the guidance of Tobacco Export Board exporting to Asia Pacific region.